After Dark: Nocturnal Landscapes And...

TAEP+AAP was present in Harvard University with Abdulatif Almishari “Mundane Manarahs: Desert Camps and Neon Lights”

AFTER DARK: Nocturnal Landscapes and Public Spaces in the Arabian Peninsula

In the Arabian Peninsula, public spaces are often most used after darkness falls and the temperatures with it. This symposium explores typologies of nocturnal landscapes common in the Peninsula, and similar hot climates. During this interdisciplinary event, we will ask who uses night-time landscapes and public spaces, what activities are peculiar to the night and ultimately, how to design for life after dark?


Abdulatif Almishari




Harvard University, Cambridge


Full Lecture

TAEP/AAP is a multidisciplinary award-winning architecture and engineering practice based in Kuwait, Portugal and France with a combined experience of over 55+ years.

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